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Ghost Ship warehouse fire, a debate in Urban Design (1 of 4)

The heartbreaking scene at Ghost ship, the underground artist venue in Oakland, CA. Photo by Ritu Saheb, Architect, AIA

By Ritu Saheb, Architect, AIA

Ghost ship, is an underground artist warehouse in Oakland, California. It became news for burning down due to fire leading to death of 36 people.

I recently made it a point to visit the burned out shell during Christmas holidays, to see and feel firsthand. And....... I could not fight back tears. What a waste! This situation should not have been. Cities are for people: artists, LGBT, underground musicians, dreamers, tattooed/pierced youngsters, people who live in recreation vehicles, people who want to put marijuana in salsa even; not for regulators, not for inspectors, not for 'zoners' who lead to their deaths.

As an architect in populated New York city, and as a professional who has dealt with specialized egress issues over 10 years; and as a real estate developer who has one eye on the housing market, I feel qualified to participate in this debate. And provide answers.

Stay tuned. This is article 1 of 4.

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By Ritu Saheb, Architect, AIA

Ghost Ship, the burned out shell of underground Oakland warehouse. Photo by Ritu Saheb, Architect, AIA