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Spring Fever, Planning a Balcony garden

By Ritu Saheb, Architect, AIA

It's almost spring! I bet you are thinking of planting a garden. Let me help you design your dream balcony garden, very simply.

Photos above by Ritu Saheb, Architect, AIA

How will you use it? I barbecue, meditate, read a book, have tea, hang out with the hubby........... in my garden.

Have a focal point! Mine is a very colorful and comfy hammock.

Plant as per your need and taste: I travel, so I chose succulents which need less care. I was inexperienced, so I chose lots of spider plants, which are hard to kill. I wanted grand color, so I chose yellow begonias. You get the idea.

God is in the details: Don't forget whacky pots, artwork, ornaments, wind chimes, knick-knacks. Add character, it is your garden.

Gotta have a pond: Mine is in a little plastic bowl, complete with the frog. It is very restful to look at. And I fill it by hand.

By Ritu Saheb, Architect, AIA